Selling your house? Here's how to prepare for showings!

Prepare Your House To Show

Your home is beautiful and we want to help you accentuate the best features of the property! Here are a few suggestions based on our team's experience of what buyers want to see when they view a home to buy:

OUTSIDE: The first impression.

Front porch: sweep/paint/replace door/replace porch light
Landscaping: plant bushes and flowers/add mulch
Yard: cut grass/rake leaves
Deck/back porch: repair/stain/add furniture
Painting exterior: shutters/trim

INSIDE: Focus on room sizes and layouts.

Entry way: clean/organize shoes or put away
Living room: clean/depersonalize/rearrange/open blinds
Kitchen: disinfect/depersonalize/update fixtures
Dining room: clean/tablecloth/open blinds

Bathrooms: paint/disinfect/declutter
Misc: steam or replace carpets/service HVAC

BEFORE EACH SHOWING: Appeal to the senses.

Smell: flowers/candles/take out garbage/wash linens
Sight: open blinds or turn on lights/open blinds/declutter
Sound: turn on soft classical or instrumental music